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About Visa® Prepaid Incentive Cards

The Card is a non-personalized, non-reloadable, prepaid debit card, loaded with a specific amount of U.S. dollars. The Card is provided to you as part of a customer incentive program sponsored by the Sponsor. The Card is a prepaid card loaded by the Sponsor with a specific amount of funds. The initial value of the Card is stated in the materials provided to you with the Card. This Card is not a credit card or charge card that allows you to make purchases and pay later, and using the Card will not affect your credit history. The Card is not connected in any way to any other account. You will not receive any interest on the funds on your Card. The Card will remain the property of the Bank and must be surrendered upon demand. The Card is nontransferable and may be canceled or revoked at any time without prior notice except as required by law.

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Benefits to the Cardholder / Recipient

  • Cards may be accepted where Visa® debit is accepted globally: online, in store, and over the phone
  • Toll-Free Cardholder Support Services.
  • 24/7 Web Based Cardholder Support Services.
  • No Transaction Fees within the United States.
  • Online Cardholder Transaction Summaries.


All fees incurred on your account will be deducted from your Card Account balance

Inactivity Fee
After 12 consecutive months of inactivity, your card account will be charged a $5.99 monthly inactivity fee. Card account activity is defined
as card transactions.
International Fee
$0.55 per international Point-of-Sale transaction.